Back to School Forms

The following forms are due the by August 1st.

  • Medical Forms: Physical examinations (with immunization records) are required by the State of Colorado for every child entering a licensed program. Children usually have their well child check up around the time of their birthday each year. The physician should supply you with acopy of your child’s well check-up form and immunization records each year. We do not supply this form. Be sure to ask because some physician’s charge to give you a copy after the visit.Immunization records are a part of the well child check up but do not tell us if the child is healthy. If you are a returning family, be sure that the forms that we have are up to date. Well child check-ups are valid for one year. Please also be aware that there is required parent signature on this form.If you have chosen to not have your child immunized, you will need to visit the State of Colorado website at to fill out the appropriate paperwork.If your child has a special need in which we will administer medications (Epi-Pen, inhaler, etc.) food allergies or a medical procedure, you will need to let us know IMMEDIATELY via email. The physician will need to provide the State Allergy form if your child has an allergy. I will then make the connection with our health consultant before your child attends the first day. I have to schedule a time for our health consultant to go over your forms so you need to contact me right away so your child doesn’t miss the first week of School!
  •  Emergency Forms need to be returned before your child can attend the first day. Returning families: Although we already have your form, the State of Colorado requires that we obtain a new one each year. Forms are available for download and signature before your child is left at our facility the first time.
  • Parent Handbook and Calendar – There have been several changes so all families need to read the Handbook and sign the return sheet. This is available on the website. We follow the Adams County Meridian Elementary School for WEATHER RELATED closings. Open House -This day is for you and your child to meet your teacher and other families before the first day of classes. Teachers are not announced until Open House. Open House and the First day of School are during the week after Labor Day. See the attached Calendar for exact times.

Arrival: Students should arrive at school at 8:30 a.m. for the morning program and 12:15 for the afternoon program. The front door will be unlocked when the program begins and locked again 10 minutes after arrival time. You will need to bring your child into the classroom at arrival and sign in at the Parent desk in the hallway. The tuition payment box is located next to the desk on the wall.

Dismissal: Dismissal is at 11:15 a.m. for the morning program and 3:00 p.m. for the afternoon program. We will bring your child out to your vehicle at both times. You will receive a vehicle dismissal number at Open House. If you are a walker, please remain outside and we will bring your child to you. If you drive to school, you have to be in the dismissal line for the safety of all children.

Dropping your child off at school could be a new experience for both you and your child. Remember that your child follows your lead and will react how you react. If they see you confident, happy and excited about school, they will tend to follow suit. To make the process easier, remember less is more. Keeping conversations about preschool to a minimum can also help minimize anxiety. For example,“We will go to your classroom, find your cubby for your backpack and then I am going to leave. I will be back to pick you up in a little bit after you play with your friends and have fun with your teacher. Ican’t wait to hear all about your day when I come back.” Kiss, hug, wave good-bye and leave. Tears may not happen at first but could happen a couple of days after school has started. Please be aware that they are safe and loved here and the crying generally stops before your reach your car. Remember, this is a new building/room, a new teacher and new routines for your child. We, as adults, have had the luxury of time to learn coping skills for all these new changes. Tears are the only coping tool that some young children have. In short, it may be harder on you than on your children. We will call you if the crying persists.

Bathroom accidents will occur, especially the first couple of weeks. All the new toys, activities and new friends are more important than going to the bathroom. No big deal. Please NO PULL UP PANTS!
We have found that they actually delay the toilet training because the children are not uncomfortable. Using the toilet is part of the “curriculum” and our potties are just the right size. We will have extra clothes at the school if there is an accident. If the accident requires more assistance than we are able to give you will be notified to assist. Please keep in mind we are a preschool, not a child care center. Please help your child be successful by wearing clothes that they can handle by themselves. Example: no belts, buttons, jeans, tights or suspenders.

We provide snacks, unless your child has a special need which needs to be discussed with the director. Please see the school supply list. Each child will need an empty tote bag/backpack to put their papers in each day. All blankets, stuffed animals, toys and games need to be left at home.

Please remember to keep the teacher informed if you have given your child any medications prior tocoming to school. They can alter your child’s behavior and we look to the child’s behavior as anindication if they are ill and need to be picked up.

Please do not return any forms until the Open House. Do not hesitate to send an e-mail to if you have questions. We have found e-mail to be our best form of communication so be sure that The Children’s Center is not considered SPAM on your computer. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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