From time to time, we share actual letters from parents regarding our Preschool Program. We hope this helps you select the best Preschool for your child!

“Many experts who appreciate the value of early childhood education believe that academics are simply not enough. Social learning in preschool is exceedingly important. At The Children’s Center, young students are learning to become good citizens; not only at school, but also in life. After watching two of my children triumphantly navigate through the many social and academic challenges of these fragile and critical stages of young life, I can confidently state that The Children’s Center is a place where miracles happen.

I was also fortunate enough to watch my older son ‘graduate’ from preschool and go off to kindergarten as a confident, well-prepared, and highly successful student. I know that much of his immediate comfort level and self-assuredness in kindergarten was gained from his time at The Children’s Center.”

– Marcy, Children’s Center Parent and doctoral student in the Department of Education (emphasis on Early Childhood).

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