We are very excited for the start of school and have been busy preparing for a great year. We wanted to reach out to you regarding CO-VID guidance and protocols for the coming school year. We realize there has been a lot of confusion and division with different school districts in the area changing their protocols in response to the City Of Broomfield Mask Mandate. 

The Children’s Center Preschool is a licensed private non-profit preschool that is located within the city of Broomfield. This means we are inspected by the State of Colorado Office of Early Childhood and the City of Broomfield. Our license is valid only if we pass these inspections and follow the guidelines set forth by these entities. The rules set forth help keep your children safe while in our care and range from qualifications to staff members to playground equipment etc. as well as CO-VID 19 protocols.

That being said, we will be following the Broomfield County guidelines with regards to their mask mandate at this time. Currently, this means that all students will be required to wear masks at school. For those of you who were with us last year, we were so very fortunate to stay open all year long and we had a great year with students in person the entire year. If this mandate changes with the city, we will also make adjustments. 

Our goal is to have a happy, healthy, in-person school year for you, your children and our staff. After working with our preschoolers over the past 14 months in masks, we were extremely impressed with all of our students wearing masks last year.  We weren’t sure how it would go with preschoolers, but these little boys and girls were pros!  They quickly learned how to take them off and on by themselves and were not affected by wearing them at all.  We also had zero cases of the flu as well as any other major illnesses, including COVID 19! The children will be allowed to take their masks off at snack time and when we are outside.  We will be adding more outside play spaces and circle time activities as much as weather permits. 

We will also have these additional measures in place:

*Increased Hand Washing

*Daily Health Screenings

*Socially Distanced drop-off procedures

We will be sending more details regarding drop off and other procedures the week before school starts along with a sign-up genius for Open House on September 8th. Please note that if your child attends school in the AM session, your Open House time slots will be in the morning. If your child attends school in the PM, your time slots for Open House will be in the afternoon. We hope this helps a bit for your scheduling. We look forward to a great year!